Mark Hembarsky

Vice President, Global Quality Assurance & Strategic Programs

Mark Hembarsky has a wide range of experience across the pharmaceutical industry including discovery, development, drug substance and drug product manufacturing for clinical and commercial supply, supply chain, logistics, and other technical operations. Mark has held executive roles at a variety of pharma organizations with global, regional and local responsibilities.  With a career spanning 34 years, Mr. Hembarsky’s experience includes leading discovery, development and manufacturing at five operating sites, directing global operations and functions, leading strategic change initiatives, and managing major capital projects. He has spent 12 years of his professional career living and working outside of the United States and has worked on both the client and the service provider side of the industry. He has deployed and successfully managed operational excellence programs in three companies. Prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry, Mark managed major capital projects for Exxon. He holds a BS degree in Engineering and is a Licensed Professional Engineer.