Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Marken Network?
Marken supports clients with the most flexible Clinical Supply Center network in supply chain logistics for the life sciences industry through the Marken Network: global GMP-compliant Clinical Supply Centers specifically designed and strategically located to support clinical trials worldwide. Clinical trials are increasingly complex and geographically diverse so it makes sense to utilize Marken Clinical Supply Centers that are specifically designed exclusively for clinical trials materials.

Why Choose Marken?
Your organization will benefit from a global supply chain logistics partner that is 100% dedicated to the pharma and life sciences industry.  We understand your business and your clinical trial needs.  Marken has been selected as the logistics partner for over 20,000 global clinical trials. We offer:

  • Industry specialization and knowledge
  • Quality
  • Global Technology Systems
  • Committed Customer Service
  • Competitive Pricing

What are the benefits of being exclusive to the Life Sciences Industry?
Marken’s dedication to life science means that we specialize in our clients’ markets, so we transport shipments in a secure environment, we bring unparalleled regulatory and trade compliance expertise covering the whole globe, and our team members are industry and regional experts with an exceptional understanding of the challenges in the clinical trials supply chain.

At what temperature ranges can you maintain materials during storage & distribution?
We offer a variety of temperature solutions and packaging to ensure the integrity of your clinical trial materials, including:

  • 2–8º
  • 15–25º
  • -20º
  • -80º
  • liquid nitrogen

What are Direct-to-Patient (DTP) services?
In most conventional clinical trials, the release of medication to the patient is handled by an investigational site.  However, in some logistically challenging countries or regions, patients might not normally be able to participate in a trial because of difficulties associated with travel or severity of illness. Marken has a global solution that provides delivery of clinical trial materials directly to a patient’s home, with quality guaranteed in terms of temperature monitoring from pick-up to delivery.

We have partnered with GLOBALCARE CLINICAL TRIALS LTD and combine Marken’s logistics expertise with GlobalCare’s services in over 45 countries to include their extensive nursing services for conducting study visits at a patient’s location.

Can we utilize Marken for all of our logistics planning?
Yes!  A Marken representative will be happy to outline all of the services we provide, including:

  • A single point of contact for our services with a dedicated regional Marken expert and global brokerage services
  • Project management from the first step onward
  • Inventory management
  • Pick and Pack
  • Clinical re-labelling
  • Drug storage and distribution
  • Drug return and destruction