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Marken is the leader in global clinical trial logistics

Marken is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UPS and is a critical part of UPS Healthcare. With Polar Speed and Marken included, the UPS Healthcare division staffs 128 locations with 5,500 employees worldwide.

Marken offers a state-of-the-art GMP-compliant depot network and logistic hubs for clinical drug product storage and distribution in 59 locations worldwide while maintaining the leading position for Direct-to-Patient and Home Healthcare services, biological sample shipments, and biological kit production.

Marken’s dedicated 1,900+ staff members manage 130,000+ drug product and biological sample shipments every month at all temperature ranges in more than 220 countries and territories. Additional services such as ancillary material sourcing, storage, and distribution, shipment lane verification and qualifications, as well as GDP, regulatory, and compliance consultancy, add to Marken’s unique position in the pharma and logistics industry.

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