A Dry Ice Shortage Does Not Exist for Marken


As our industry continues to experience various degrees of dry ice shortages, Marken maintains a strong temperature-controlled global network and does not foresee any impact on our service timelines or availability of packaging solutions and dry ice.

Marken and UPS Healthcare produce our own dry ice supplies, maintain strong strategic relationships with global dry ice manufacturers, and utilize multiple backup suppliers in every major city to ensure each Marken location has dry ice on hand for supply and re-icing. As an essential global supply chain partner for the healthcare industry, Marken and UPS Healthcare receive priority dry ice supplies ensuring access to over 200,000 pounds of dry ice per day.

A dry ice shortage does not exist for Marken. As always, Marken maintains solid contingency plans globally to remain agile, flexible, and prepared to rapidly support the needs of our clients and patients around the world.

Marken continues to be the most reliable supply chain solution provider to manage your temperature-controlled storage and distribution needs.

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