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If you have questions about a specific shipment or our operations in a particular area, please contact your local Marken branch or your business development professional.

Today’s updates are indicated in blue.

Marken is closely monitoring the global situation and will share updates as available.


  • State of Victoria is under a Stage 4 lockdown until September 28.
  • Extended travel ban restrictions until December 17.
  • All domestic airlines are operating on reduced schedules.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.


  • International flights resume this week in Wuhan.
  • Beijing has resumed direct international flights to Greece, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan and Canada. All airlines have limited flight availability.
  • Marken can provide DTP/DFP services in most cities.


  • International commercial flights are suspended until September 30. Restrictions exclude cargo flights.
  • Marken’s DTP services are operational across the country.
  • India continues to ease restrictions.


  • Restrictions in all areas apart from Auckland were lifted on September 22, moving most of the country to Level 1 on their 4-tier alert scale.
  • All restrictions on public gatherings and requirements to use masks are removed.
  • Limited domestic flights within New Zealand.
  • Closed borders except for New Zealanders.
  • Marken can offer DTP/DFP services throughout the country.


  • Limited domestic flights continue on most airlines.
  • Marken’s DTP services are permitted.
  • Singapore Airlines has reinstated flights to Cebu, Istanbul, Milan, Perth, Phnom Penh, and Taipei.
  • Changi Airport (SIN) terminal 2 suspended operations until mid 2021. Scheduled flight operations will be rediverted to the other terminals.


  • HONG KONGContinues to ease restrictions. Quarantine for inbound travelers is in effect. restrictions eased on travel from mainland China. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are permitted.
  • JAPAN – Tokyo is at level 1. Borders are partially opened. International flights are still reduced. Airport operations at Haneda airport in Tokyo remain limited with shorter operating hours.Marken can offer DTP services throughout Japan. A joint discussion between the Sponsor, Marken, the CRA, the consignee and the site (shipper) needs to take place before picking up or delivering at an official infected site.
  • MALAYSIAForeign nationals are not allowed to enter until December 31 and there are limited exceptions to the entry ban. Marken can offer DTP services in Peninsular Malaysia and parts of East Malaysia and Sabah.
  • NEPAL – Announced a loosening of lockdown in Kathmandu Valley. Domestic flights have resumed. Nepal’s land ports remain closed until October 16.
  • PHILIPPINESPresident declared National State of Emergency until September 2021, that may change depending on circumstances. Borders remain closed to foreign travelers. Travel restrictions vary by location within the country. Marken can offer DTP services in key areas.
  • SOUTH KOREAAuthorities extend level 2 restrictions, within their 3 tier level, until September 27. Government begins to ease restrictions. By pharmaceutical law, DTP is not allowed in Korea. Under COVID-19, a pharma company may obtain temporary permission for DTP from Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
  • TAIWAN – Some Marken DTP services are allowed. Special permission is required from Ministry of Health in advance for DTP services.
  • THAILANDMost foreign nationals are not allowed to enter except for limited number from specific categories. Marken is transporting frozen shipments by road network. Marken’s DTP services from hospitals to patients are permitted.
  • VIETNAM – International flights resume to Asian destinations. Foreign nationals are not permitted to enter the country. Marken’s couriers are granted permission to transport shipments in key cities.


  • American Airlines continues to add more flights to the U.S.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are available.


  • Extended a travel advisory to include all countries outside Europe through September 30. Foreign Ministry will evaluate individual non-European destinations case by case in October.
  • Marken can offer DTP/DFP services throughout the country.


  • The state of health emergency has been extended until at least October 15.
  • As of September 22, the entry requirements will vary from a 14-day self-isolation or a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival, depending on country.
  • AIFA has released HHC guidelines to allow patients to benefit with IMP treatments at home and decreased regulation requirements to allow DTP services to be added to the study.


  • Authorities extends ban on travel from most non-EU countries until September 30.
  • Part of the Madrid region went into lockdown on September 21.
  • Borders are open to travel from the EU and all Schengen areas without quarantine requirements.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally and not affected at this time.


  • National governments of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are easing restrictions in phases.
  • Heathrow airport continues to operate 2 out of the 4 terminals.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.


  • AUSTRIA – Austrian government imposed travel restrictions on 32 high risk countries.
  • BELGIUM – Borders are open to travelers from UK, EU countries and non-EU Schengen countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway). Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.
  • CROATIA – Borders are open to travelers from EU, UK and EEA. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are available.
  • DENMARK – Restrictions are in place until October 1.
  • GEORGIA – Opened borders to Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Reopening of land and air borders to international tourism has been postponed. Gradually lifting domestic restrictions. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are available.
  • HUNGARY – Becomes the first country in Europe’s Schengen zone to reimplement strict border controls until at least September 30. Officials have said that a corridor will be maintained to allow transit through the country with certain exemptions to the ban.
  • ISRAELAnnounced second countrywide lockdown for about 3 weeks. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.
  • POLAND – Borders are open to travelers from within the EU. Restrictions still apply to most travelers from outside the EU.
  • PORTUGAL – On September 15th, authorities tightened restrictions and moved mainland Portugal from a start of alert to a state of contingency.
  • RUSSIA – Restrictions on some international flights have been lifted.
  • SAUDI ARABIAEffective September 15, Saudi Arabia partially lifted its suspension of International flights. Saudi authorities reopened land borders with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Kuwait. International flights and entry by sea routes remain suspended. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally. Road solutions are available.
  • SOUTH AFRICAEffective October 1, 3 international airports and 18 land borders will reopen for inbound and outbound tourism. Borders will be open from countries deemed safe.
  • TURKEY – Commercial flights are resuming on a country by country basis. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are available.
  • UKRAINE – An entry ban is back in place for all foreign nationals until September 28. Lockdown measures have been extended until the end of October.


  • Borders are closed to foreign travelers until October 11.
  • Regular commercial flights remain suspended. Marken is utilizing our road network.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.


  • Foreign travelers are now allowed to enter the country by air. Land and sea borders remain closed.
  • Marken’s DTP services are operating normally.


  • Border remains closed between Mexico and the US for all non-essential traffic until October 21.
  • Marken’s hybrid services with UPS are operating normally.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are available.


  • Beginning October 1, international air travel is scheduled to resume.
  • State of emergency extended to September 30th.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services available in some areas.


  • Authorities extend a nationwide state of emergency until September 29.
  • Marken’s DTP services are available.


  • COLOMBIAResumed international flights, but must submit a negative PCR test 96 hours before departure. Extended their border closure until October 1. Bogota’s El Dorado opened domestic routes.
  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Authorities announce state of emergency and curfew extensions from September for a period of 45 days.
  • GUATEMALAAuthorities extended restrictions until September 28. La Aurora International Airport (GUA) in Guatemala city resumes flights. Air, land and sea borders were reopened on September 18. All travelers must present a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival or quarantine for 14 days.


  • Canada/U.S. border remains closed for all non-essential travel until October 21.
  • Provinces are tightening restrictions.
  • Drivers may experience restricted access to some hospital and clinics.
  • Border remains closed to international passengers.
  • More airlines are operational now. Cargo-only flights have replaced some passenger routes – increasing airfreight capacity on traditional airfreight routes.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.


  • U.S./Canada border remains closed for all non-essential travel until October 21.
  • Border remains closed between Mexico and the US for all non-essential traffic until October 21.
  • Drivers may experience restricted access to some hospital and clinics.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.

Marken’s Ongoing Commitment to Patient Safety

  • Marken has instituted a no touch policy in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to patients and drivers. Signatures from shippers for Pickup On Board and consignees for Proof of Delivery are NOT required. The driver will record the shipper’s and consignee’s details on the Marken booking form after verbal confirmation of each in order to document chain of custody.
  • For DTP deliveries, the driver will take a picture of the fully executed booking form and email to the respective Marken branch following the visit to confirm delivery, which drivers will be instructed to delete from their phone in order to maintain patient privacy. The completed booking forms will be provided to the sites for record documentation.


  • The request for DTP services have dramatically increased during the pandemic. Marken established a virtual Rapid Response team who is available to coordinate shipments and patient deliveries in each region. During this period, we currently require a lead time of 24-48 hours for pick-ups and delivery requests for metro areas. Remote locations will require a 48-72 hour lead time. Our geographic coverage continues to expand across the globe as we fulfill client requests.
  • Servicing remote locations requires driving long distances and therefore, the return of temperature loggers and downloading of the data have increased to 48 hours.
  • Reach out to your local Marken contact if you would like to discuss adding a DTP option for your protocol.
  • Additional time may be required for each DTP shipment and pricing may need to be adjusted based on the implementation of single use packaging and additional flight costs for local carriers. Force Majeure clauses as discussed with your Marken contact are part of all Marken invoicing until the COVID-19 crisis passes.
  • Teams are trained in all European countries, Asia, U.S. and Latin America to provide DTP solutions where needed. They are equipped with necessary SOP training to comply with all safety regulations in each country in which they operate.


  • We continue to source global alternative options including UPS and local commercial carriers in/out of impacted countries around the world. Ground transportation alternatives will be utilized where and when flights are not possible.


  • We currently offer Home Health coverage in 54 countries.
  • Learn more about this service option by contacting us.

Marken and UPS are fully operational. Where commercial flights are not available, Marken utilizes the UPS network. Where necessary, we leverage other ground and air transportation options.

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