COVID-19 Critical Supply Chain Updates


Updated March 26, 2020

If you have questions about a specific shipment or our operations in a particular area, please contact your local Marken branch or your business development professional.

Marken’s Ongoing Commitment to Patient Safety

  • Effective immediately, Marken is instituting a no touch policy in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to patients and drivers. Signatures from shippers for Pickup On Board and consignees for Proof of Delivery are NOT required. The driver will record the shipper’s and consignee’s details on the Marken booking form after verbal confirmation of each in order to document chain of custody.
  • For DTP deliveries, the driver will take a picture of the fully executed booking form and email to the respective Marken branch following the visit to confirm delivery, which drivers will be instructed to delete from their phone in order to maintain patient privacy. The completed booking forms will be provided to the sites for record documentation.


  • Reach out to your local Marken contact if you would like to discuss adding a DTP option for your protocol.
  • Additional time may be required for each DTP shipment and pricing may need to be adjusted based on the implementation of single use packaging and additional flight costs for local carriers. Force Majeure clauses as discussed with your Marken contact are part of all Marken invoicing until the COVID-19 crisis passes.
  • A Marken virtual Rapid Response team is available to coordinate shipments and patient deliveries in each region.
  • Teams are trained in all European countries, Asia, U.S. and Latin America to provide DTP solutions where needed. They are equipped with necessary SOP training to comply with all safety regulations in each country in which they operate.


  • We continue to source global alternative options including UPS and local commercial carriers in/out of impacted countries around the world. Ground transportation alternatives will be utilized where and when flights are not possible.


  • We offer Home Health coverage in over 50 countries.
  • Learn more about this service option by contacting us.

Marken and UPS are fully operational. Where commercial flights are not available, Marken utilizes the UPS network. Where necessary, we leverage other ground and air transportation options.


  • Continue to increase restrictions. Queensland and Western Australia have closed their borders, exceptions include freight, traveling to work and emergency service workers.
  • Singapore Airlines increased freighter services out of Sydney.
  • All Australian citizens will be barred from leaving the country with small exceptions.
  • Lockdown policy in place for non-essential services.
  • Closed borders for all foreign travelers.
  • Due to increased flight reductions and cancellations, Marken continues to source other shipment solutions through alternative carries, including UPS for domestic ground.
  • 14-day quarantine is required for anyone arriving to country.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.


  • Hubei Province has opened its borders. Public transport is restarted.
  • The lockdown on Wuhan will be lifted April 8.
  • China will close its borders to all foreigners starting Saturday, including holders of visas and residency permits.
  • Several cities [eg. Shanghai] are lowering their emergency response level a notch. Beijing remains at level 1, the highest.
  • China will redirect all arriving international flights from Beijing to 12 other cities, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing and Shenyang as their point of entry
  • Passengers will go through Customs clearance & quarantine at these airports. Those passing quarantine inspection can fly to Beijing on their original flights.
  • Marken can provide DTP/DFP services in most cities in both quarantine and non-quarantine zones.


  • Marken India is able to clear and deliver domestic shipments from some airports.
  • Under the world’s largest lockdown in the world.
  • In accordance with the Governmental permission from the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Marken has been confirmed, as a subsidiary of UPS, to be a provider within the pharmaceutical and life science industries working to develop a vaccine for the COVID-19 epidemic and therefore, Marken and its employees are allowed to continue their vital work.
  • All domestic and international flights have been suspended, except for cargo flights, effective March 25.
  • UPS cargo flights are still operational.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are not available in India currently.


  • Marken continues to operate as an essential service during the 30-day lockdown.
  • Borders remain closed, effective March 19.
  • Security level to increase to 4. All unnecessary travel is prohibited, clinical trial patients may not be permitted to go to hospitals.
  • Marken can offer DTP/DFP services throughout the country.


  • Increased border checks to detect and isolate cases before allowing entry into country.
  • No entry permitted for short term visitors.
  • Singapore Airlines announced flights have been reduced by 96%.
  • Currently 5 international flights are operating at this time.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are permitted, without samples drawn.


  • BANGLADESH – Imposed a nationwide lockdown. Lockdown on all public means of transportation, excluding essential services.
  • BRUNEI – Banned entry to non-citizens traveling from impacted countries. Enforced exit travel ban.14-day quarantine to passengers entering country.
  • HONG KONG – Banned entry to all foreign visitors and transit arrivals. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are permitted. Dangerous drugs/medicine must be accompanied by a registered pharmacist throughout the delivery. Travelers from Taiwan, Macao and mainland China can still enter, but will be quarantined for 14 days.
  • JAPAN – Implemented more stringent restrictions for international travelers from South East Asia, Middle East Asia and Africa. Japanese citizens returning must be tested, a 14-day isolation period and must refrain from using public transportation. Marken can offer DTP services throughout Japan. A joint discussion between the Sponsor, Marken, the CRA, the consignee and the site (shipper) needs to take place before picking up or delivering at an official infected site. All carriers have reduced flights to and from Europe, China, Korea and Hong Kong.
  • MALAYSIA – Extends its Movement Control Order to middle of April. A 14-day quarantine has been implemented. Marken can offer DTP services in all cities in Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.
  • MONGOLIA – All flights to and from Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul are stopped.
  • NEPAL – Country-wide partial lockdown, effective March 23, halting long distance transportation services, international and domestic flights and non-essential services.
  • PHILIPPINES – Luzon is now a quarantine zone. Check with your local Marken office for more details. Marken can offer DTP services only in Metro Manila.
  • SOUTH KOREA – Announced 14-day quarantine on South Korea nationals arriving from Europe, effective March 22. By pharmaceutical law, DTP is not allowed in Korea. Under COVID19, a pharmaceutical company must secure temporary permission for DTP from Korea MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety).
  • SRI LANKA – Jaffna International Airport has ceased international operations, expected to last until March 30, but will continue to run domestic flights. Effective March 18, all flights will be cancelled. Extends nationwide curfew.
  • TAIWAN – Suspends international transit stops at airports, effective March 24. Banned entry for foreign nationals, with some exceptions, effective March 18. Marken’s DTP services allowed, only oral drugs permitted. No injections allowed, regulated by TFDA.
  • THAILAND – Declared state of emergency. Borders closed to all visitors. Social gatherings are banned and domestic travel is restricted. Airlines have reduced flights. Marken’s DTP services from hospitals to patients are permitted. Utilizing freighter services. UPS is operational.
  • VIETNAM – Effective March 21, all inbound international flights have been suspended. Effective 22, banned entry for all foreigners. Marken is switching to freighter options.

With limited time to maintain lab sample viability and no cargo flight options available, Marken chartered a private plane today to transport biological samples from clinical trial patients to testing facilities outside the country of Georgia.


  • Borders remain closed during its nationwide lockdown.
  • More stringent penalties approved for defying nationwide confinement rules. All essential trips outside allowed. Evening curfew has been implemented.
  • Marken continues to make collections and deliveries, but delays may occur due to increased restrictions
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are available.


  • Effective March 22, barred groups of more than 2 people from gathering, except for families. This is the strictest imposed by any country.
  • Border crossings are in effect with surrounding countries.
  • Marken is mobilizing additional capacity utilizing the UPS network and independent carriers.
  • Marken can offer DTP/DFP services throughout the country.


  • More stringent penalties approved for defying nationwide confinement rules.
  • Banned any movement inside the country and closed all non-essential businesses.
  • Government has granted DTP services as an exception. Pharma companies may apply for this service.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.
  • AIFA has released new Home Health Care guidelines to allow patients to benefit with IMP treatments at home without having to go to hospitals.
  • All Marken employees have authorization to move within restricted areas.


  • Restricting entry to foreigners at air and sea ports for 30 days, with exception for essential services and providers, effective March 23.
  • Plan on extending state of emergency for an additional 15 days.
  • Borders remain closed. Transport of goods is not impacted.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally and not affected at this time.


  • Implemented strict lockdown across entire country for non-essential movement and will be in place for 3 weeks, effective March 23.
  • Barred groups of more than 2 people from gathering, except for families.
  • London City Airport is closed until end of April.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.


The European Union banned travelers from outside from the bloc for 30 days, effective March 17

  • AUSTRIA – Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally. Flight operations at Vienna airport are limited. Has closed borders with surrounding countries.14-day quarantine is in place.
  • BELGIUM – Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally. Closed borders for non-essential travel, exception to transportation of goods. Currently in lockdown.
  • BOSNIA – Effective March 30, plans to halt all passenger air traffic. Borders remain closed. Enforced emergency measures, including banning anyone over the age of 65 and under 18 from leaving their homes. 14-day quarantine if entering country.
  • CROATIA – Borders remain closed. Implemented ban on leaving home. Quarantine facilities and self-isolation policies are in effect. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are available.
  • CZECH REPUBLIC – Borders remain closed. State of emergency with serious limitation to free movement.
  • DENMARK – Borders remain closed to non-citizens, with the exception of goods and cargo transport. Marken’s DTP/DFP service are operating normally.
  • FINLAND – Travel to and out of Uusimaa region (Helsinki is in this region) will only be permitted when absolutely necessary. Border traffic remains closed to all non-citizens. All commercial flights have been reduced/cancelled due to lack of demand. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally. Helsinki, Turku, Mariehamm airports remain open for cargo.
  • GEORGIA – Currently facing country lockdowns. Halted air traffic. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are available. Alternative solutions are currently being developed, in the interim, Marken has chartered private transportation options.
  • HUNGARY – Borders remain closed, with the exception of goods and cargo transport. Seeking indefinite extension of state of emergency. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.
  • ICELAND – Flights have been reduced, but still operating to all countries. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally. 14-day quarantine has been put into place.
  • ISRAEL – State of emergency remains in effect. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally. 14-day quarantine policy is in place.
  • KAZAKHSTAN – All flights with Lufthansa have been cancelled. Closed borders to foreigners. Declared state of emergency and locked down its capital, Nur-Sulten.
  • LEBANON – Currently implemented country lockdown. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are available. Shipments are being transported by freighter. Marken is sourcing alternate solutions.
  • LUXEMBOURG – Currently in lockdown. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally. Announced that no passengers will be able to fly in or out, effective March 23. It will remain open for freight transports.
  • MOLDOVA – Currently facing country lockdowns. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are available. UPS is being utilized for shipments.
  • NETHERLANDS – Borders remain closed. Introduced stricter measures for public movement.
  • NORWAY – Has extended its restrictions to at least April 13. Cargo is still operational with limitations/reduced schedule. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally. Most commercial flights on hold due to lack of demand.
  • POLAND – Announced closed borders to non-citizens. Extends restrictions on citizens on movement. Closure does not apply to transfer of goods and/or medicine. No passenger flights available, only charter flights consisting of full freight are operating.
  • ROMANIA – Entire country in quarantine. Closed several crossing points at borders with Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Serbia. Citizens over 65 years old are not permitted to leave home.
  • RUSSIA – Government bans all regular and charter international flights, effective March 27. More stringent stay-at-home policies implemented. Borders remain closed, does not affect transportation of goods. Flights to capital cities of EU are not affected at this time.
  • SAUDI ARABIA – Riyadh, Makkah and Madinah are on lockdown. Restricted traveling between regions. Suspended international flights. Freighter options available. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally. Road solutions are available.
  • SERBIA – Borders remain closed. Halted all international and internal transports, except for freight cargo which Marken is utilizing.
  • SLOVAKIA – Borders remain closed in state of emergency, with exception of transportation of goods. Travel ban has been implemented. 14-day quarantine has been put into place. Mandatory rule imposed for all citizens to wear face masks in all public spaces. All essential businesses remain opened. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally. All three international airports are closed for 14 days, effective March 16. Marken is sourcing alternate solutions.
  • SLOVENIA – Borders remain closed. Declared a state of emergency, cancelling all passenger flights inside the country. 14-day quarantine if entering country. UPS is operating normally.
  • SOUTH AFRICA – Effective March 26, announced 21-day lockdown with total confinement.
  • SWEDEN – Most commercial flights have been cancelled due to lack of demand. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.
  • SWITZERLAND – Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally. Swiss Airlines has suspended all long-haul flights except three flights to Newark (EWR) as of March 24.
  • TURKEY – Effective March 27, all international commercial flights, except for Chicago, Washington, Hong Kong, Moscow and Addis Ababa until April 17. Announced partial shutdown. Introduced quarantine policy for people entering country. Domestic service is running normally. Marken’s DTP/DFP services are available. Land borders with Greece and Bulgaria have been closed, but still open for logistics.


  • All but essential workers to stay home and off the streets.
  • Countrywide lockdown in place, exceptions are made for essential supply chain.14-day quarantine has been implemented.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.
  • Borders remain closed to all non-residents.
  • All commercial flights have been suspended from U.S. and Europe. Marken is operational and utilizing UPS flights.


  • San Paolo on Saturday announced a statewide quarantine order will take place on Tuesday, March 24, shutting down all non-essential businesses.
  • Restricted entry at all land borders. Exceptions to this include transport of goods.
  • Effective March 23, for 30 days travel from China, EU, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Korea has been suspended.
  • Marken’s DTP services are operating normally and not affected at this time.


  • Reduced schedules to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and some domestic flights.
  • Suspended all public gatherings for 1 month.
  • Marken’s hybrid services with UPS is operating normally.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are available.


  • Declared national state of emergency, putting in place a daily curfew, restricting regional travel and closing all international travel to/from.
  • Implemented a countrywide 15-day quarantine, excluding people in need of food or medical care.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services only available in Lima.
  • Borders remain closed.
  • Customs working at reduced hours, so delays may be possible.


  • Announced a nationwide night-time curfew.
  • Borders remain closed.
  • Cargo will not be affected by the closure. 14-day quarantine has been implemented.


  • COLOMBIA – A countrywide lockdown was announced, effective March 25. All exports out of Colombia to the U.S are currently being managed through freighter service. Initially, no flights from abroad would be allowed to land after Monday, but the government has agreed to allow the repatriation of European citizens. These services are provided by KLM and Air France. The land and sea borders are also closed, meaning that nobody can get in or out of the country over land. Cargo ships are still able to load and unload, but their personnel are not allowed to leave the restricted area in the ports.
  • GUATEMALA – Closed its borders to travelers until March 30, except for cargo. All international flights have been suspended. Marken is utilizing UPS for shipments.


  • Canada invoked the Quarantine Act, effective March 25. All travelers are subject to mandatory isolation and barred from using public transportation for 14 days and will be monitored for compliance. This does not apply to essential workers.
  • A state of emergency was also declared in the city of Toronto.
  • Quebec and Ontario announced closure of all non-essential businesses, except for essential services. Tightened business and travel restrictions.
  • Borders remain closed with the U.S. for non-essential travel. Trade and supply chain transportation will not be affected in either country.
  • Many international flights have been reduced, due to the reduced passenger demand. Cargo shipments and air capacity for existing shipments remain unaffected.
  • Businesses that keep Canada’s supply chain running—manufacturers, distributors, grocery stores—will remain open, as will publicly run research institutions, healthcare and senior services, and emergency services.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.


  • On March 28, many U.S. airlines will be updating their flight schedules.
  • Marken continues to find solutions for our clients, wherever needed.
  • The Office of Homeland Security has determined that UPS and Marken are critical infrastructure workers and authorized them to continue operations.
  • Many local municipalities have issued stay-at-home guidelines, except for essential services.
  • United Airlines has increased its international cargo only flights.
  • American Airlines has started cargo only flights to Europe. Their first cargo flight since 1984.
  • Borders remain closed with Canada for non-essential travel.
  • Major carriers in the U.S. have reduced number of flights on international and domestic lanes. We continue to operate and leverage UPS and their cargo options.
  • Restrictions are in place for passengers and flights between Canada, Europe, the UK, Ireland and the U.S.
  • Marken’s DTP/DFP services are operating normally.

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