COVID-19 Updates


Following recent updates regarding COVID-19 in several countries including Italy, South Korea, and China,  Marken remains committed to the safety of our clients, patients, and our own team members while we continue to ensure that your shipments are cleared and delivered with minimum disruption.

You should contact your local Marken office if you wish to implement Direct to Patient (DTP) for your trial  so that our teams can investigate local regulations and check with hospitals as well as regulatory bodies confirming that the service will be accepted in that area. DTP requests and additional supplies are dependent upon conditions in each city or zone, reviewed upon a case-by-case basis, and supplies may be limited or potentially not available for return. The Marken team continues to monitor regulations and updates along with our experts across the globe and we will update accordingly as the situation changes.

We always find a way to connect patients with new medicines, in all corners of the world. Marken Makes it Happen.


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