Marken Service Update: Omicron


Marken has been closely monitoring the impact of the fast-spreading Omicron variant and has been in close communication with our partner airlines and airports throughout the disruption they continue to experience. While passenger flights have been affected by staffing shortages and cancelations, Marken shipments have not been impacted. Our priority is to always ensure patients remain unaffected, and we are constantly updating our contingency plans to provide uninterrupted service.

Marken shipments are not dependent upon passenger flights. We utilize a variety of transportation models and can direct your shipments to alternative cargo flights, integrator services, and charter flights, as well as securing capacity with the UPS fleet of aircraft.

Please rest assured that Marken will proactively contact affected clients directly to provide alternative arrangements if needed. If you have immediate questions or would like to discuss individualized plans for risk mitigation, please reach out to your Marken representative for assistance. Your dedicated customer service teams are always accessible to support, and we will identify alternative routings tailored to your needs. At Marken, we remain committed to always finding a way to connect patients with medicines in all corners of the world.

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