Marken Operational Update – Taiwan


Marken is aware and closely monitoring the ongoing developments in Taiwan, with respect to any impacts on the supply chain. While a few passenger flights have been disrupted at this time, Marken shipments have not been impacted, and we are operating normally.

We are committed to serving our clients and will continue to adjust operations as needed. Our priority is to make sure patients are not affected, and we have established contingency plans in place, including the procurement of transport supplies and assets to ensure uninterrupted service. For all immediate questions, please reach out directly to

Operational Updates:

Taiwan – A small reduction of flights into the Taiwan International Airport (TPE).
Marken’s third-party GMP Depot in Taiwan is readily available to support any deviations for your storage and distribution needs in the region.
Singapore – All flights with Singapore Airlines (SQ) are suspended for 24 hours into Taiwan.
South Korea – Reduced flights into Taiwan.
No impact reported at this time for the surrounding APAC regions: China, Japan, Australia, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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