Marken Update – Coronavirus


While we work with local and national health authorities as well as local service providers to understand what service changes can be implemented in China, we are closely monitoring any regulatory updates as well as legal or privacy positioning shifts in policies of the Central Chinese government.  Throughout this process, we are committed to maintaining our quality of service to you as well as provide you regular updates regarding city lockdowns and other areas of impact.

Marken teams on the ground are working closely with local service providers in each area along with major pharmaceutical companies and CROs to reach hundreds of investigator sites in China. Our staff and providers are trained to provide DTP services after performing careful risk assessments to ensure the safety of team members and to maintain time and temperature control for each shipment. Direct-to-Patient (DTP) services are available in many cities across China and you should contact your local Marken office if you wish to implement DTP for your trial in China.

These cities remain on lockdown, but portions may be accessible by either Marken team members or Marken’s local service providers: Wuhan, Ezhou, Xiantao, Zhijiang, Qianjiang, Huanggang, Chibi, Jingmen, Xianning, Huangshi, Dangyang, Enshi, Xiaogan, Yichang, Jinzhou, Suizhou, Shiyan, Xiangyang. Areas including the Henan province, Anhui province and Wenzhou are not accessible to either Marken or local service members currently.

Most international flights have halted or slowed their schedules in/out of China, and several domestic airlines have reduced their schedules as well. Most areas are also operating with strict control over the movement of people which could potentially cause delays for any domestic shipments. Shipments can still be cleared and transported by road but the overall time and temperature has the potential to be impacted. Marken China is also operating with the railway system as backup solution for domestic non-Dangerous Good shipments.

We continue to encourage customers to work directly with your local Marken contact for the latest updates on your shipments already scheduled or those anticipated to book for export soon. We will continue to communicate with you regularly on service changes, sharing updates on regulatory or import/export guidelines as they happen, and other information to help you make the best decision possible for your shipment and your patients.


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