Marken’s Contingency Plans Are in Place for Hurricane Isaias


Please note that we are closely watching the projected path of Hurricane Isaias and we have contingency plans in place to avoid any potential impact on shipments.  

Isaias will produce heavy rains and potentially life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides across the Dominican Republic, northern Haiti, Turks and Caicos, and the Bahamas. Hurricane conditions and dangerous storm surge are expected in portions of the Bahamas today and Saturday.

Tropical storm conditions are possible along portions of the Florida east coast beginning on Saturday with heavy rains expected to affect South and East-Central Florida beginning late tonight, and the eastern Carolinas by early next week with potential isolated flash and urban flooding.

As per the current projections, closure of the Miami International Airport is not expected so far and thus, we will continue with our operation as planned, but we will closely monitor all further updates.

Please contact your local Marken branch or business professional if you have questions about a particular shipment.

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