Updated Information on Shipments to/from China (related to Coronavirus)


We are closely following the growing list of carriers with flight embargoes now in place with restrictions or cancellations of flights to and from China in light of the coronavirus. Recent announcements of extensions to the Lunar New Year holidays in several Chinese cities will likely impact ground operations and processing times for Customs and local authorities.

Customers are encouraged to work directly with their local Marken office for the latest updates on shipments already scheduled or anticipated to book for export soon. We will work with you to secure alternative flight options, and to provide the latest anticipated clearance times as the situations evolves.

It is recommended that clients anticipate additional time for Customs processing will be necessary and are advised to check expiry dates on import licenses or permits that may be coming due in the immediate future.

We continue to actively employ our contingency plans to minimize impacts on you or your shipments.

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