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  • Personalized Logistics Solutions for Virtual and Hybrid Clinical Trials

    The pharmaceutical industry is moving toward siteless/hybrid clinical trials. Implementing such complex studies requires participation from all members of the supply chain and the support of an experienced service provider that can ensure the development of appropriate protocol designs.   Patient Centricity and the Growing Interest in Siteless/Hybrid Trials In virtual or siteless trials, patients do… Read more »

  • Hurricane Lane

    As Hurricane Lane advances towards Hawaii, the anticipated impact of the Category 4 storm on air and surface transportation has prompted restrictions as the islands brace for flooding, surges and damaging winds. Marken has contingency plans in place for shipments located the region. Clients may reach out to their local Marken office for information on… Read more »

  • Marken Launches New Website Highlighting Clinical Supply Chain Solutions

    Website Reinforces Marken’s Leading Position within Industry Research Triangle Park, NC, August 23, 2018 – Marken recently launched a new website with fresh content, features and innovative search options, reflecting the company‘s leading position within the clinical supply chain industry. As the partner of choice for the clinical trials industry and the clinical supply chain… Read more »

  • Typhoon Soulik and Typhoon Cimarron

    According to recent forecasts, Typhoon Soulik will sweep across South Korea with flooding rain and damaging winds into Friday (August 24). Hundreds of flights have been canceled in South Korea and many businesses throughout the country will be closed as a result of the storm. Typhoon Cimarron is expected to cross western Japan on Thursday… Read more »

  • Marken Offers First Hybrid Service From Brazil to USA

    Approval by ANVISA Paves the Way for use of UPS Flight from Viracopos Airport Research Triangle Park, NC, August 21, 2018 – Marken announced today that Brazil’s ANVISA has approved shipments of biological samples from Sao Paulo’s Viracopos airport to the United States using the UPS airline. The pilot program approved by the Brazilian authorities… Read more »

  • Navigating Extreme Weather to Collect and Deliver Critical Samples

    CHALLENGE Marken had been working with a client for several years on a study which treats babies with immune disorders. One baby in Boston was suffering from a severe immune deficiency and was in Phase II of a clinical trial using an interferon-gamma compound. The client scheduled a shipment for pickup in Boston to be… Read more »

  • Expanded Access: Coordinating Complex Deliveries of Lifesaving Clinical Drugs

    CHALLENGE A very sick pediatric patient in Cordoba, Argentina, needed a compassionate use drug that required a highly trained medical professional to carefully inject the clinical drug into the brain on a specific time and day. Expanded access programs, sometimes referred to as compassionate use, allow eligible patients to receive an investigational medical product outside… Read more »

  • Marken Opens Clinical Trial Logistics Hub in Melbourne, Australia

    Third Australian Location Positions Supply Chain Provider as Industry Leader for Key Clients Research Triangle Park, NC, July 31, 2018 – Marken announced today the opening of a new branch located in Melbourne. The new location joins Sydney and Brisbane as the third Australian hub and solidifies the company’s position as the leader in Australia… Read more »

  • Marken Offers Unique Clinical Logistics Services in Russia

    Customer Solutions Center and Hybrid Services to and from Europe are First in Industry Research Triangle Park, NC, July 26, 2018 – Marken announced the opening of a Customer Solutions Center within their existing Moscow depot to support all clinical trial investigator sites across Russia.  In addition, Marken has begun their unique hybrid service for… Read more »

  • Speed and Flexibility to Deliver Temperature-Sensitive Immunotherapies Anywhere

    CHALLENGE Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men. In recent years, immunotherapy has emerged as a promising treatment to potentially change the way this disease is treated and the research to find a cure. A specialty pharmaceutical company investigating prostate cancer treatments launched a Phase III, randomized, double blind… Read more »

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