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  • Delivery to Sick Child

    Marken Delivers Medicine to Help Save a Child’s Life… Challenge: It is nearly midnight on a Wednesday and a child at Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia is critically ill and in immediate need of a drug available only in the United Kingdom. The drug needed to save this child must consistently remain at 2-8 degrees… Read more »

  • Marken Leads Logistics Industry In Gene And Cell Therapy Trials

    Company Presents a Case Study at Barcelona Conference Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, October 1, 2015.  Marken announced this week details of a case study presented at a key Barcelona conference which demonstrates its expertise in handling patient-specific gene or cell therapy-based clinical trials. Marken presented a case study at the Cell & Gene Therapy… Read more »

  • Marken and GlobalCare Leading the Direct to Patient Market

    Co-Marketing Relationship Brings Clinical Trials to Patient Homes Worldwide Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, September 17, 2015 – Marken announced today that its relationship with GlobalCare Clinical Trials has expanded to include 80 active trials in 45 countries, making the two companies clear leaders in the growing direct to patient (DTP) market. Demand for DTP… Read more »

  • Regulatory Update: Argentina – A.N.M.A.T. Processing Fee Increase & Port Practice Changes

    In August, Argentina’s Ministry of Health, A.N.M.A.T (Ministerio de Salud Secretaria de Policticas Regulacion e Institutos) updated their administrative processing fees related to health products,  such as applications for marketing approvals, product registration and authorization to amend product labelling or booklets.   The updated rates both increased standard fees across the board and established a variable… Read more »

  • Marken Ensures Safe Transportation Of Select Agents And Toxins

    Company Reaffirms its Specialist Capabilities Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, August 27, 2015 – In response to recent media reports on the decision by FedEx, UPS and The US Postal Service to no longer accept shipments of certain biological specimens classified as ‘select agents’ by the CDC,  Marken reaffirmed today their expertise and long history… Read more »

  • Regulatory Update: Mexico – Classification Of Vacutainer™ Blood Collection Tubes

    Regulatory Update:  Recently, the Association of Customs Brokers of Airport Mexico (AAADAM) published a memo providing guidance on how Vacutainer™ blood collection tubes and similar blood collection tubes should be classified when imported into Mexico. According to the memo, Vacutainer™ tubes, which typically have a sterile interior, may or may not include chemical additives such… Read more »

  • Regulatory Update: Brazil and Israel added to list of countries with GMP equivalent to EU GMP

    Importers in the EU will no longer have to obtain a written confirmation of compliance with EU GMP standards when importing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from Brazil and Israel. This is because Brazil and Israel were added to the list of countries considered to have GMP standards and controls equivalent to those of the EU[i].… Read more »

  • Marken Offers Exclusive GPS Technology for Shipments

    The Advanced Tracking Device Delivers Real Time Monitoring for a Variety of Conditions Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, August 11, 2015 – Marken, the leading clinical logistics organization (CLO), has entered into an exclusive agreement with OnAsset Intelligence Inc. for use of their most advanced GPS tracking device on key shipments.  The device will significantly… Read more »

  • Marken Launches Investigator Survey Call Center

    First of a Kind Facility Will Contact Thousands of Sites in Latin America Region Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, July 21, 2015 – Marken, the leading clinical logistics organization (CLO), has launched a survey call center to contact clinical investigator sites throughout Latin America. The launch is the first of its kind in the clinical… Read more »

  • Marken Publishes ‘Navigating the Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain’ in Summer Edition of World Pharma Clinical Trials Insight

    Read Marken’s article ‘Navigating the Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain’ in the summer issue of World Pharma Clinical Trials Insight:

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