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23 July 2021

Canada New Client Portal

Author: Anna Cesar | Regulatory Compliance Associate

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is modernizing and streamlining the process of importing commercial goods.

The CBSA Assessment Revenue Management (CARM) solution will give importers and brokers 24/7 access to border services through the new CBSA Assessment Revenue Management Client Portal (CCP).

Canada’s importers and customs brokers will be able to:

• Use online tools to classify goods, and calculate duties and taxes
• Submit e-declarations
• Make e-payments and view up-to-date account information
• Become paperless by default
• Use CARM to tailor the services they need to manage their own accounts

The online CCP launched on May 25th and is already available to importers to register their company, delegate access and permissions, view account information, apply for advanced customs rulings, and make electronic payments directly to CBSA for duties and taxes.

Every importer must determine a management representative who will be responsible for the company’s CCP. This person will become the Business Account Manager (BAM). The Importer will also be able to delegate authority to their customs brokers to act on their behalf.

All importers will need to be set up prior to Release 2, scheduled for May 2022, when the online CCP will be the sole platform to communicate with the CBSA and make payments.

Failing to be properly set up in the portal by May 2022 will impede the importation of your company’s goods.

The CBSA has published a number of Guides on their website to assist importers onboarding the CARM Client Portal. Please view the original source here for more information.

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