Cell and Gene Supply Chain Services

Marken continues to be the chosen provider for global cell and gene trials around the world, and we understand the importance of each shipment for patients and their families.

Advances in cell, gene and immunotherapy therapies are growing at a rapid and exciting rate, and the clinical trial supply chain is evolving to provide personalized solutions for these potentially life changing shipments.

Marken’s unique offerings include:

  • Tracking of therapies from pick up to delivery through GPS technology for complete control of every step in the shipping process
  • Carefully shipping harvested material in appropriate packaging conditions to reach sites within the clearly defined timeframe
  • Complete modes and nodes assessment along with contingency planning for each trial and each lane
  • Flexibility to pick up apheresis material and modified vectors from manufacturing sites and ship to patients who need therapies on a continuous basis
  • Providing dry vapor shippers that are compliant with industry standards to ensure valuable material is correctly and safely transported
  • Strategically positioned LN2 service stations to quickly respond to client needs


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