Consolidated Investigator Shipments Services

Consolidated Investigator Site Shipments is a streamlined logistics method, which uses a Just-In-Time approach to minimize the number of shipments and optimize supplies used for investigator sites.

This service improves efficiency by managing the procurement and distribution of study supplies and equipment to sites, including reverse logistics.

This method includes:

  • Consolidation of supplies in a central or regional location, based on the trial enrollment activity
  • Management of shipments to investigator sites as a consolidated shipment to avoid confusion and simplify inventory management
  • Significant reduction of time and resources expended by multiple people at the CRO or sponsor company
  • Ability to get sites up and running with everything they need within days versus months
  • Everything required by the investigator site for the start-up of a trial received in bulk shipment/package (ie, instructions and protocols)

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