Direct-to/From-Patient and Home Healthcare

Marken is the industry leader for Direct-to-Patient (DTP) and Direct-from-Patient Services (DFP), and we continue to set the standard in the clinical trial supply chain to enable patients to participate in trials around the globe.

Our patient-centric services deliver clinical trial materials and retrieve biological samples directly to and from a patient’s location, with quality guaranteed through full temperature monitoring from pick up to delivery. Marken offers DTP and DFP services in over 80 countries.


Marken’s solutions provide the following advantages for patients and clinical trial researchers:

  • Participation in trials from the comfort and convenience of patient’s home, office or vacation destination
  • Enrollment of patients who live long distances from an investigator site, or who have difficulty traveling due to health or age-related issues
  • Home pickup and delivery of collected biological specimens by Marken’s integrated home healthcare solutions
  • Marken ApolloTM, our centralized DTP/DFP and HHC management platform, provides sites and homecare providers with end-to-end visibility for easier home visit scheduling and streamlined data collection
  • 24/7/365 global patient support available through our Patient Communications Center (PCC)

These benefits can often result in:

  • Higher patient retention rates
  • Increased protocol compliance
  • Improved patient recruitment through greater willingness of patients to participate in the trial


Virtual Trials

Study protocols are increasingly complex, needing extensive data collection, and utilizing complicated drug regimens. Patients can be deterred from taking part in a trial by the need for frequent travel to a clinical site for routine drug administration and simple tests. Around 30% of patients drop out before study completion, leading to data loss, and potential approval delays. The new model for home healthcare allows visits to be conducted in a patient’s home to improve patient engagement, and bringing the wider medical community to them improves compliance.

Our experience with virtual trials include:

  • Delivery of clinical trial materials from an investigator site, pharmacy or GMP depot directly to the patient’s home
  • Home pickup and delivery of collected biological specimens
  • Home pickup and return of unused/partially used/expired clinical trial materials for return to investigator site
  • Global Home Healthcare services to administer investigational medicinal products (IMP), take samples and record information while listening to patients improves both recruitment and retention in clinical trials
  • The support of different DTP supply chain models through our Marken network

Did You Know? Our Experience Includes:

Active trials
Patients globally
Active countries

Home Healthcare Services

Marken’s Home Healthcare and Direct-to/From-Patient (DTP/DFP) services create an optimized global network which further enhances patient centricity in clinical research and brings the industry one step closer to a virtual trial landscape.

By utilizing Marken’s home healthcare service in combination with our DTP/DFP services, sponsors can benefit from increased recruitment and retention rates as well as driving down overall development cycles and project costs. Through regional agencies, Marken works with highly qualified local nursing providers who conduct required protocol procedures in the patient’s home or other convenient location. A dedicated home healthcare program makes participation in a clinical trial as easy as possible for patients. This global network of select providers allows Marken to offer the skilled and flexible services required under each clinical protocol. These procedures include:

  • Study drug administration, including sub-cutaneous and intravenous infusion
  • Blood draws and other biologic sampling
  • Clinical assessment of vital signs and other mobile based data collection
  • Patient and caregiver training and education

By partnering with Marken, our clients benefit from:

  • Reduced exposure of patient personal health information by booking home visits and associated DTP/DFP logistics services at the same time through our proprietary booking technology for a single integrated solution
  • Experience and expertise, with coverage in 58 countries
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliance to ensure data protection and privacy
  • Real-time status updates through a project management dashboard
  • Electronic completion and submission of visit documentation for streamlined administration in a 21 CFR Part 11 validated system

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