Expanded Access Programs

Marken transports and delivers investigational medical products that have not yet been approved by the FDA for use by patients who face a life-threatening or critical illness and who receive special exemptions for the unapproved treatments.

These therapies are sometimes referred to as “early access programs” or “compassionate use.” The transport of these products is extremely time and temperature sensitive and often requires alternative transport solutions including, but not limited to, on-board courier and charter services, which our dedicated team specializes in.

Our capabilities to assist in expanded access programs include:

  • Dedicated team providing complete oversight and assurance that your time-sensitive investigational medical products have a viable pathway to reach your patients in critical conditions
  • End-to-end visibility through our suite of tracking and monitoring technology
  • Flexibility to manage complex supply chains and routings at a short notice
  • Safeguard the integrity of the product throughout the journey
  • Adhere to various ethical and regulatory standards while meeting the needs of the patient

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