Delivery to Sick Child

Marken Delivers Medicine to Help Save a Child’s Life…

Challenge: It is nearly midnight on a Wednesday and a child at Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia is critically ill and in immediate need of a drug available only in the United Kingdom. The drug needed to save this child must consistently remain at 2-8 degrees C in order to maintain efficacy. To further complicate the situation, quick routes with direct flights from the U.K. to Brisbane are very limited, and the pharmacy originally designated for delivery of the shipment is unable to accept weekend deliveries.

Solution: Marken provides validated 2-8  degrees C Credo packaging for the shipment and works with their resources to secure a space on the next direct flight from London to Brisbane. Marken’s team of experts works around the clock to identify an alternate delivery location for the shipment to bypass the pharmacy closure. The in-depth clearance documents are quickly provided by Marken’s imports coordinator in Australia, ensuring the shipment receives efficient and speedy customs clearance in time for delivery directly to the hospital pharmacy as soon as it opens at 8 a.m. on Saturday.

Outcome: Marken’s immediate access to validated packaging and airline contacts secured a direct flight. Teamwork and ingenuity identified a new weekend delivery location, and appropriate customs paperwork avoided any delays in customs clearance.  An experienced and dedicated Marken team around the world cleared the path to make a life-saving impact on a child. Marken makes it happen.

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