Extremely Sensitive Stem Cell Shipments are No Problem for Marken


A world leader in the isolation of new clinical grade pluripotent stem cells for use in research and development, was moving their site from Edinburgh to a new facility housed within the new Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine. Because of the extremely sensitive nature of the human embryos and stem cell lines, Marken was selected to ship the biological assets.


To determine the temperature control requirements of the shipment and the volume of materials, Marken’s team of experts met with the client to create a detailed plan with contingency options. The Marken logistics plan included packaging needs and coolant requirements. This information was conveyed to the clients along with a detailed validation plan to demonstrate the quality assurance plans that Marken had in place, ensuring a seamless execution.

Given the varied nature of the biological assets, the temperature control requirements were very broad. For some products, +4° C was the required control temperature while other products required cryogenic temperatures as low as -196° C. To meet these diverse needs, Marken recommended three separate packing arrangements and three sets of coolants. For shipment of the products requiring cryogenic temperatures, Marken recommended the use of liquid nitrogen dry shippers. Since these shippers are the most expensive for the client, Marken recommended that two separate shipments would be made, within the same day, to reduce costs. For the products to be shipped at -80°C, Marken recommended shippers cooled with dry ice. For the other shipments, Credo containers at temperatures of -20°C and +4°C met the specification needs. Marken provided validation of all packaging equipment to be used, ensuring that each team member understood the details. Marken also worked with the client team to make sure there were no obvious potential delays along the ten mile route to the new site.


As a result of the detailed pre-planning by the Marken team and the client, the biological assets were shipped without incident and with no loss of valuable product.

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