Going the Extra Mile to Maintain Patient Continuity


Two patient samples to be picked up at London Heathrow Airport for delivery to a central lab were not available for retrieval when Marken arrived. The airline handling agent misplaced the shipment and it may not have arrived in London.


In order to resolve the matter as quickly as possible, Marken’s Import Manager in London personally went to Heathrow with a team of experts and obtained special permission to enter the airport cargo area to search for the missing ambient samples. The patient samples were located during the search and were delivered on time and within specification so that proper testing could take place.
Marken provides a globally coordinated, full range, biological sample retrieval and delivery service. Services include:

  • Temperature controlled packaging, including dry ice supply service when required, to meet required temperature specifications for biological sample shipments
  • Dry ice top off at intermediate shipment locations. Where required, gel packs are also replaced and temperature monitoring equipment is checked throughout the route
  • Regulatory and Customs support to quickly navigate shipments through the often complicated clearance process
  • Assistance with government agency compliance in order to handle controlled substances, infectious material, radio labeled materials and other dangerous goods


Because the samples were found in time, the data collection process for the clinical trial was not interrupted and patient continuity was maintained.

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