Marken Climbs Every Mountain for Clinical Trial Patients


As part of Marken’s Direct-to-Patient (DTP) service, all of Marken’s team members are trained on being able to deliver at all times to maintain compliance with the clinical trial protocol and timelines. Because patients may travel while participating in a trial, Marken needs to be able to complete patient deliveries whether to their home, or a remote location to which the patient has travelled.

In one example, a patient who was vacationing in the Alps was in a location which prevented the usual Marken vans from reaching the snowy peak.

Another patient was spending summer vacation in a mountainous campsite in southern France. The patient was not reachable by phone to identify when he would be available to receive the clinical trial materials.


A local Marken DTP specialist assessed the snow situation and took on the task to fit snow chains to an approved Marken vehicle so that the truck could make the trek to the mountain top in order to reach the patient. Marken was then able to traverse the snowy slope and reach the resort.

In the case of the remote campsite, Marken instructed the patient to leave word at the front entrance to expect a Marken driver along with the patient’s agenda and schedule. Upon reaching the entrance, the Marken driver was told their approximate location within the facility. The driver sought out the patient to announce his arrival, drove back to the camp where the patient met him, the driver checked the patient’s provided identification, and then made the delivery on time and within product specification.


Marken’s Direct-to-Patient services are designed to provide clinical trial options that allow the patient to continue with as normal a life as possible, including participating in family vacations and travel, while enrolled in the study. In this case, both patients were able to continue participating in the study, despite the complexities and demands of their physical locations.

Marken’s dedicated team members Make It Happen for patients with our expertise, personal dedication, and service to ensure on time delivery of critical clinical trial materials.

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