Marken Continues to Reach New Heights for Patients Around the World


Marken was asked to arrange blood shipments originating from Mount Everest as part of an important research program designed to study the effects of high altitude on the human body.

It was possibly the first study of this magnitude. A total of 67 participants donated approximately 3000 vials of blood for the study, all drawn at a variety of altitudes. The subjects were accompanied by a Sherpa and an expedition team from the University of British Columbia Collected blood samples needed to be safely transported to Kathmandu to a laboratory in Canada, across Turkey and over a weekend timeframe.


The blood samples were shipped by helicopter to transport the samples from various higher camps on the mountain to the base camp. Marken collected the samples in Kathmandu and shipped them in a frozen state to the University of British Columbia for testing.

Marken took responsibility for managing the shipments during the lengthy trip from Nepal through Turkey and on to Canada. Marken’s Global Control Center in Mumbai tracked the shipment in real time through every leg of the journey. The Mumbai team monitors all shipments into and out of the region and transmits data through its proprietary Maestro operating system. Maestro is supported by its exclusive Sentry device which monitors GPS location, temperature, altitude, light exposure and shock.


The expedition team and the study participants were able to complete this successful undertaking while overcoming adverse weather conditions, navigating difficult terrain and challenging timeframes in order to achieve the study goals. The commitment of Marken team members Made it Happen in their quest as they continually go above and beyond every day to support important clinical research.

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