Marken Helps Change Lives in Mexico with the Delivery of Eyesight

Marken Case Study - Corneal Tissue Delivery to Mexico


A hospital in Mexico City received a corneal tissue donation which included the front part of the eye covering the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber. Meanwhile, nearly 600 kilometers away, a patient in Guadalajara, Mexico had recently been admitted to a medical facility with a cornea perforation. The extreme damage to the cornea’s surface meant the child needed an urgent transplant – otherwise, he would lose his sight.

To accomplish this, the corneal tissue was to be delivered to Guadalajara under refrigerated conditions (2-8°C). With August temperatures in the area soaring to nearing 80°F (26 °C), our team of experts developed a clear plan of action for the transplant to reach the boy in time and within the strict, specified temperature.



According to clinicians, the shipment of this sensitivity must arrive to the patient in less than 24 hours – thus, there was no room for error. Detailed risk assessment and contingency plans were put in place to proactively ascertain and address any threats that could negatively impact the shipment.

Marken’s team in Mexico prepared validated packaging for the collection of the invaluable corneal tissue donation. The conditioned shipment was also equipped with a TempTale monitor and Sentry GPS device to ensure end-to-end visibility throughout the journey with complete oversight by local operations teams.

Our trade compliance specialists drafted, reviewed and processed all regulatory paperwork needed for the shipment, making certain there were no potential delays.



As a result of Marken’s experience and comprehensive planning, the corneal tissue was delivered in excellent condition with a total transit time of 14 hours. Surgeons in Guadalajara performed the transplant immediately upon shipment arrival to ensure the patient’s best chances to recover his sight.

The hospital in Mexico City and medical facility in Guadalajara are connected via a large, government organization that is one of the main public health institutions in the country. Since 2016, Marken Mexico has been the trusted provider of transportation services for corneal tissue within Mexico for this organization. The organization recognizes Marken’s dedication and notes that successful cornea transplants have increased over 30% since selecting Marken as a logistics provider. In addition, data collected by the organization each year shows an overall decrease in temperature damage to tissue transplants.


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