Marken Delivers in Spite of a Dry Ice Disruption in Moscow

In August of 2010, both of the dry ice factories in Moscow, Russia were shut down for unplanned technical upgrades. At the same time, the weather in the region was unusually hot (40°C / 104°F), which placed a higher than normal demand for dry ice to keep frozen shipments within required temperature ranges.

Marken developed and implemented a contingency plan involving the placement of several large Thermo- ontainers in strategic locations in Moscow. Then, Marken obtained and imported large quantities of dry ice to Moscow, ensuring that all local collections were carried out on schedule. Not only was Marken able to handle all of its customers’ needs, but the company was approached by numerous other organizations for the collection and delivery of their frozen samples, as no other courier had a viable short-term solution.

There was no disruption in the collection and delivery of samples from the Moscow area. All materials were collected and delivered on time and the temperature sensitivity of the samples was not violated.