A flight containing thirty-five temperature-controlled shipments from Israel to Moscow had to perform an emergency landing in Sofia, Bulgaria. Although a replacement aircraft was sent to Sofia to collect the stranded passengers, there was no provision to transfer any of the plane’s cargo.


Marken’s first step was to verify all flight options departing Sofia. However, Marken personnel quickly discovered there was no possibility of achieving on-time delivery using alternative airline connections. The next step was to escalate the issue with the airline who was carrying the cargo. As a result of Marken’s strong relationship with the airline, approval was given to send all thirty-five shipments, including those on dry ice, on the replacement flight. Marken’s client’s shipments were the only nonpassenger related items permitted to travel on the replacement flight.


Thanks to Marken’s relationships in the industry, thirty-five critical patient specimens were received at the central lab on time and within specification. Results for the clinical trial were not compromised.


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