September 8

Marken Webinar | Technological Innovations in Clinical Supply Chains: Maximizing End-to-End Visibility

Friday, September 8, 2023 | 10am – 11am EDT 60 min

Join us to discuss the cutting-edge tools enhancing clinical supply chains in this enlightening webinar. Delve into the current challenges and blind spots the industry is facing, transformative technological solutions revolutionizing the landscape, and the pivotal role digital tools will play in shaping the future.

Technological advancements in personalized clinical supply chains are accelerating at a pace faster than ever before, and stakeholders are integrating game-changing innovations to improve systems, future-proof processes, and increase end-to-end visibility. At a time when companies are striving to maximize resources, the path to gaining a competitive advantage is strategic collaboration and unique partnerships that offer the market a powerful blend of solutions never seen before.

Learn about:

Industry Trends

  • Key trends, global forecasts and growth drivers in the complex and highly competitive pharmaceutical market
  • Global and regional shifts impacting stakeholders’ ability to pivot to the needs of clients and patients
  • Technologies and software being adopted to maximize supply chain visibility with faster, more efficient results

Challenges and Blind spots

  • Criticality of a personalized supply chain to ensure real-time end-to-end tracking and product integrity at every step
  • Industry complexities and how to harness the power of new technologies to eliminate archaic processes and visibility silos
  • How to proactively mitigate global disruptors and leverage lessons learned to drive operational efficiency and scalability

Strategic Approach and Innovative Solutions

  • Integration of real-time digital intelligence to improve quality, reduce product anomalies and “raise the bar” of supply chain tracking
  • Strategic collaboration and communication to enhance critical trial outcomes and accelerate distribution of next-generation treatments
  • Looking ahead: innovation of data-driven tech, changes to industry demands and evolving patient needs
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