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11 January 2023

FAA Experiences Computer Outages Resulting in Impacted Flights Throughout USA

Update: The FAA has resolved their computer system outagesand normal air traffic operations are gradually resuming across the USA.

Due to a recent Federal Aviation Administration system failure, flights are being delayed at multiple locations across the USA.

As the FAA works to restore their operating system, Marken is closely monitoring all shipments that may be impacted and is taking the necessary steps with Business Continuity Plans in place, to ensure uninterrupted service for our clients and patients. We are prepared to leverage our UPS network, should a commercial flight routing no longer become available, due to the outage.

From recent communication with the UPS Command Center, impact to the UPS Operation is very minimal.

We remain committed to sourcing the best available options for each shipment as we continue to navigate the ongoing supply chain challenges. Please contact your local Marken branch or business professional if you have questions about a particular shipment.

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