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8 June 2023

Introducing Marken Monarch

Today, Marken announced the launch of the Marken Monarch, a product of our dynamic new partnership with SkyCell shipping critical and high value temperature sensitive products. This unique solution provides our customers with an unparalleled service, a first in our industry.

Marken President, Ariette van Strien, comments, “With Marken’s global network combined with SkyCell’s pallet shipper, we will enable our clients to ship critical drug products with enhanced features, including efficient temperature control for the longest hold times and best protection for all pharmaceuticals. Together, we look forward to offering this commercial advantage to our clients and are proud to be part of enhanced solutions that help save and improve human lives.”

Skycell’s CEO, Richard Ettl, adds, “Skycell is excited to partner with Marken, as we share a common vision of establishing the highest standard for safe and sustainable pharmaceutical transports. This collaboration empowers SkyCell to leverage its cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions within the vital domain of clinical trials, further facilitating the secure distribution of sensitive and valuable pharmaceutical products. SkyCell looks forward, together with Marken, to advancing the standards of shipping in the pharmaceutical transport industry.”

Offering 175 to 270 hours of qualified temperature stability for Refrigerated [2°C to 8°C], Controlled Room Temperature [15°C to 25°C] and Deep Frozen [-60° to -80°C], the Monarch and SkyCell container solution is 34.1% lighter than comparable containers, conditioned to be ready-now and equipped to transport anywhere at any time.

By combining Marken’s unmatched global cold chain network and the SkyCell’s leading technical advantages of temperature-controlled packaging, we provide our clients with the most advanced, efficient and sustainable solution than ever before.

This is drug distribution. Evolved.

For more information, please reach out to your local Marken representative.   

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