Ernest Batista

Vice President, Operations Strategic Accounts

As Vice President, Operations Strategic Accounts, Ernest Batista manages one of Marken’s fastest growing life science markets globally with a focus on the largest central lab clients in the industry.

Since opening the Miami office in 2005, Ernest and his team have grown Marken’s market share through Miami, more than doubling the volume for the past several years during an era that has seen the highest level of security and regulatory impact on the industry.

During his time at Marken, Ernest has held roles of increased responsibility and worked closely with the Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security and the customs offices of every Latin American country to establish the processes, systems and critical certifications for the Miami branch to support the life sciences industry and make Marken a leading life science logistics authority.

Ernest brings over 37 years of logistics, regional regulatory and customs management expertise focused on Latin America from his previous roles at Skynet Express, Ocasa, Zulair Cargo and Tumi International with the last 25 years focused on the specialty logistics field.

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