Heavy snowfalls, flight cancellations, and difficult driving conditions created a logistical barrier when a life-saving drug needed to be transported from Dreux, France, to a dying patient, suffering from a hemorrhage and affected with hemophelia, in London. Weather conditions created traffic delays in North France and created 11 hours of traffic on the Eurotunnel, making it improbable that the shipment would be delivered in time.

Marken worked tirelessly with French Police to secure priority access on the next English Channel ferry to England. From the ferry, Marken arranged for a Coast Guard helicopter to transport the drug shipment to the hospital.

Marken successfully delivered the critical life-saving drug to the London patient on time, at the right temperature, all the while maintaining the drug’s integrity. Marken’s professional relationships with law enforcement and other local agencies ensured that the patient received a timely dose of the administrated medication to ensure a positive outcome. Marken made it happen!