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24 April 2024

Marken Regulatory Update: A Guide to U.S. Import Fees: Merchandise Processing Fee

Goods imported into the United States may be liable for duties and fees based on their Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) classification, declared value and country of origin.

The Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) is one of several fees that may apply when importing goods into the United States. MPF is a fee assessed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to cover import processing costs.

Unlike Customs duties, which are based the product’s HTS rate, the MPF is a flat fee based on the total value of the imported product, and it is subject to a minimum and maximum dollar amount.

  1. 1. Formal Entries – Shipments valued at $2500 and over.
  • The MPF is 0.3464% of the total value of the imported goods.
  • However, there are minimum and maximum limits:
    • The minimum charge is $27.23 per entry.
    • The maximum charge is $528.33 per entry.
  1. 2. Informal Entries – Shipments valued under $2500.
  • MPF is a flat fee of $2.20 per shipment.

Not all shipments are subjected to MPF and ways to potentially reduce or waive the fee might be available:

  • De minimis threshold of USD 800 – Shipments valued at or below USD 800 entering the US will be exempt from customs duties and taxes, including MPF.
  • Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) for goods imported from specific countries.
  • Exemptions and Special Programs for goods such as charitable donations and personal effects.

As duties and taxes can have a significant impact on the overall cost of a shipment, is recommended that all applicable fees are considered by all parties involved before arranging any shipments into the U.S.

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