Marken Team Members and Network of Specialists Trained to Handle a Variety of Specialized Shipments, Including Dangerous Goods



Marken fully supports the efforts of the new research surrounding the Zika virus.  Several organizations have announced the pursuit of study designs, and a task force of European experts with specialized knowledge in vaccines, infectious diseases and other relevant expertise has been created by the European Medicines Agency to contribute to the global response to the threat of the Zika virus infection.  

Marken team members and our network of specialists are specifically trained to handle a variety of specialized shipments, including dangerous goods. While the largest outbreak is still centralized in Latin America, effects of the virus have already expanded into the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific.  Shipments of Class A infectious substances UN 2814 and UN 3373 CAT B samples are handled by a team of experts who have all earned dangerous goods training and certification.  We also supply compliant packaging solutions for every type of shipment.

Additionally, our 10 GMP-compliant and fully validated global Clinical Supply Centers are designed for distribution of vaccines. All networks throughout the world, including Marken’s inter and intra China networks, are equipped to ship biological samples and the Clinical Supply Centers are ready to store the eventual Zika vaccine for the affected patient population.

Patient treatment and safety are our top priorities. Because of our strong network in Africa, Marken was selected as a key logistics solutions provider during the Ebola outbreak. Marken was also the only provider entrusted to safely deliver clinical trial materials directly to patients in their homes in South Korea so that they could continue their participation in those trials during the ongoing Middle East Respiratory System (MERS) outbreak. We have grown our staff by 65% over the past four years, and significantly increased our footprint, including Latin America, so that we are well-equipped and positioned for the acceleration of opportunities to serve the industry during crisis.

We are of course watching the situation carefully and monitoring all airlines and any potential travel bans. Marken will implement contingency plans should any airline policies change beyond the existing and standard Dangerous Goods and IATA requirements. Clients may contact their local Marken office or email for more information.

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