Are you ready for a no-deal Brexit? We are.

Marken Brexit Shipments
The clock is ticking

As it stands, there are less than 6 months to negotiate – but more importantly, less than 6 months to prepare for any potential outcome of the negotiations.

If the UK leaves the EU under a no-deal Brexit, this would affect the regulations of medicines, medical devices and clinical trials. Potential ramifications include duplicative requirements (testing regulations) resulting in additional costs, resources and extended processing time. Border controls would be introduced for moving goods between the UK and EU.


We have the solution

Marken is equipped with the latest technology and has a team of prepared, global experts to:

  • Offer qualified GMP and GDP space
    Our GMP facilities include a bonded warehouse in Frankfurt, Germany and Roermond, Netherlands which offer an excellent, ready-to-use infrastructure post-Brexit. Both locations allow you to avoid duty payments before the import into the EU takes place.
  • Establish a transition plan
    Benefit from our experience – we can help you forecast changes and maintain operations post-Brexit without interruption to your supply chain.
  • Provide infrastructure for EU and global distribution
    Store your clinical and ancillary materials in our state-of-the-art facilities located in the heart of the EU. Roermond and Frankfurt are embedded in a well-developed road network and close to international airports like Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt and the UPS European air hub in Cologne.
  • Design unique transport and distribution options
    Take advantage of a highly flexible distribution model using UPS integrator service, Marken specialty courier capabilities and the market leading hybrid solution combining the best of both worlds into an optimized distribution strategy.
  • Optimize cash flow
    The Netherlands offers the most progressive VAT deferment including Article 23 which enables the VAT to be recorded, without a cash payment, through the VAT return in the month of import.


Protect your supply chain now. 

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