Choose Direct-to-Patient Services with Marken and GlobalCare Clinical Trials for an Improved Patient Trial Experience


Distributing clinical trial materials or collecting biological specimens can become complicated when a patient cannot easily access a hospital or clinic. To overcome this challenge, Marken developed Direct-to-Patient (DTP) services several years ago and is leading the industry with this service.

DTP provides for the secure delivery and retrieval of biological samples directly from a patient’s location. Marken’s sophisticated logistics network and commitment to high standards and privacy means that deliveries are fully temperature monitored, tracked, and compliant with all local regulations.

Marken’s partnership with GLOBALCARE CLINICAL TRIALS LTD adds an additional service feature to the process and the client, guaranteeing extensive nursing and ambulant care for conducting these patient-centered study visits. Not only does DTP provide comfort, security, and convenience to the patient and the family but also it can improve patient retention rates and protocol compliance for the study. A study can also be expanded to reach patients who may have health or age-related issues, patients with disabilities, and patients who live long distances from the investigator sites. With reliable collection methods and a broader population base, researchers and manufacturers can complete studies quickly and improve overall time to market.

To inquire about our Direct-to-Patient services, please email to contact a Marken expert.

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