Integrating Risk Assessment to Provide Safe and On Time Delivery – a Top Priority at Marken


Coordinating safe and timely deliveries is a top priority at Marken. By working with clients to confirm risk assessments and shipping lane verification, Marken can provide security and precision with every shipment. A risk assessment determines the required level of control for a product during transport; this will identify any potential compliance challenges.

Marken shipping lane services uses rigorous verification practices to choose the best primary containers, shipping containers, payload configuration, temperature monitor placement, and transport routes. The close analysis of the full supply chain logistics can address potential threats that could negatively impact pharmaceutical product integrity during transportation.

Verification practices at Marken strictly adhere to all guidelines outlined in the EU Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Medicinal Products for Human and Veterinary Use, Annex 15, Chapter 6. Accurate risk assessments and meticulously verified shipping lanes can reduce product loss and supply delays while producing more predictable deliveries to save a client’s time and money.

For more information about assessments and verification practices, visit our page at Risk Assessment and Shipping Lane Verification or  email us now to contact a Marken expert.

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