Marken Charters Jet and Partners with Local Aid Organizations to Deliver Needed Supplies to Puerto Rico


As Puerto Rico continues to seek and need assistance in their recovery from recent hurricanes, Marken chartered a 767-200 aircraft to take private humanitarian donations to the island.  Through the efforts of Marken team members, including Luis Lucena, Carlos Reis, Ernest BatistaDan Bell and the entire Marken Miami branch, we arranged for two separate organizations to donate 67,000 pounds of water, food, canned and paper goods, diapers, hygiene and first aid supplies which will be distributed to several locations throughout the island.  The Marken Miami team also contributed palletized goods which were included in the cargo. 

The AmeriJet Flight 421 left Miami at 2AM Tuesday and arrived at 4:30AM and is currently being offloaded.  We have arranged police escort for the trucks which will deliver the 67 pallets to various homes and institutions.

Thanks to all the members of the Miami branch who all jumped in to facilitate the logistics and aircraft details. 

Additional thanks to the following companies for their efforts and donations:

Our thoughts continue to be with those affected by Hurricane Maria, including those who were a part of the operation today with family and friends on the island. 

The Marken Miami team, along with Wes Wheeler, CEO, included the flag of Puerto Rico signed by the entire team: “To Puerto Rico with love. God bless.”

Wes Wheeler, CEO (second from left), and local team members prepare shipments for Puerto Rico relief efforts

From left to right: Ernest Batista, Gene Hernandez, Luis Lucena and Vanessa Silva

Pallets await transport to Puerto Rico at Marken

Provisions await loading onto chartered jet bound for Puerto Rico

Donated supplies en route to Puerto Rico

Container filled with donated goods ready to be flown to Puerto Rico

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