Marken Expands Direct To Patient Service As Demand Increases


Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, July 24, 2013 – As pharma companies and CROs, look to boost patient enrollment in clinical trials, Marken announced that their Direct to Patient (DTP) Home Delivery Services continue to stand out as a burgeoning segment of their business model. Marken launched the DTP home delivery division late last year as part of a new business service for the clinical trial market place.

Demand for DTP services is increasing as pharma seeks new avenues to both recruit and retain patients around the globe. Utilizing a specialized supply chain organization like Marken to ship clinical trial materials directly to a patient’s home may allow sponsors and CRO’s to realize higher patient participation and retention since patients can participate regardless of their proximity to investigator sites. Additionally, Marken adds valuable regulatory expertise allowing sponsors to determine the feasibility per country if they are considering including DTP services in their clinical trials.

Leslie Chaney, Marken’s Global Director, Preclinical and Direct to Patient Services Leslie Chaney commented, “We have reviewed DTP home delivery requests for over 20 countries since adding the new service plan less than a year ago. As sponsors expand their market scope, they select and rely on Marken as their logistics vendor not only for the DTP home delivery option, but also for our regulatory expertise in navigating through the new global locations which these sponsors are targeting. Having an industry logistics leader who can ease patient recruitment and potentially increase participation rates is invaluable to sponsors.”

Marken welcomes the input of pharma and other life science organizations regarding the future needs of Direct to Patient home delivery services.

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