Marken is Proud to be Named Logistics Sponsor for I-India Charity Event Benefiting Homeless Children


Based in Jaipur, India, I-India rescues homeless children and offers them a new life. This year’s charity event will be held Saturday, June 10th, to raise money during an auction. Marken is the official Logistics Sponsor for the event to facilitate the transport of auction items.

Tackling Homelessness


India has 6 permanent and 2 temporary open shelter homes for both boys and girls. When possible, and if in the child’s best interest, he or she will be repatriated to their family, or offered a shelter house as their new permanent home. During the year, these shelter homes provided residential care to 581 children. The team of full-time wardens, caregivers, cooks, teachers, hobby-teachers and a nurse collectively facilitate and foster a safe environment, a regular food regime, education, recreation and rest, and most importantly the feeling of being protected and empowered through new skills for these children.

 Nutrition & Daily Meal


A total of 2116 children living on streets and slum areas, with devastating living conditions were provided with a daily fresh and nutritious meal in the year 2016. The kitchen center is located at Bhakrota suburb of Jaipur and is also expended to Jhag village, covering surrounding remote settlements. The staff at this kitchen start work early in the morning and once the meals are prepared, they visit the various sites throughout the day and provide fresh and warm meals to the children attending Shwetaark schools, vocational training centre and contact points on street and railway station.

The project was funded by Flowering Tree Inc. USA & Street Child Project, Singapore.

Fundraising Event, Saturday, June 10, 2017

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