Marken Launches Enhanced Online Booking System


Marken surveyed more than 1400 investigator sites in Latin America and discovered a high demand for easy booking. In response to this demand, Marken is pleased to launch MaestroTM Allegro, an enhanced version of its MaestroTM online booking system.

The features of this new system include booking forms with preprogrammed data for each investigator site, and for each specific trial. MaestroTM Allegro offers possible pick up options for each site, including ambient, phase change material, dry ice, gel packs or LN2. The system utilizes electronic airway bills and allows for inclusion of other customized documents. These added functions significantly reduce the amount of data to be entered for each new booking.

Marken is currently launching MaestroTM Allegro in Latin America and will roll out to other regions in local languages in 2016. 

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