Marken Makes It Happen in Latin America


Marken understands the critical nature of maintaining continuity and assuring quality through clinical trials. We support over 1200 investigator sites in Latin America and over 49,000 globally. We are the leading premium courier in Latin America with a network of pharmaceutical service Clinical Supply Centers and branch offices in Latin America specifically designed to support inbound, outbound and local services in the region. Our Latin America operations offers competitive pricing, a flexible network with late call and pick up times, and 99,8% on time delivery of biological samples back to any US facility.

We are here to help streamline your business in the region and keep you up to date on all regulatory changes, including this latest industry alert for Argentina:

Please be advised that the government of Argentina has imposed a new Customs Fee on shipments originating in, destined to or transiting through Argentina that began on Feb. 1st. A fee of $25.00 USD will be assessed to each responsible party (Carrier & Importer/Shipper) for each manifest transmitted to Argentina Customs. These charges result in a total cost of $50.00 USD per manifest declared.

Interested in our Latin American Clinical Supply Centers?  Here is a sneak peak at our Mexico and Argentina Clinical Supply Center shipping times.

Ernest Batista
Regional Manager, Latin America, MARKEN

Ernest Batista, Regional Manager of the Latin America market, brings over twenty-five years of logistical experience specializing in regional regulatory and customs management.  Having worked closely with the TSA, Department of Homeland Security and customs offices of every country within Latin America, Ernest can ensure the appropriate regulatory measures are made in advance to ensure delivery is made on time and within specifications.

While overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Miami office, Ernest and his team have developed an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of serving the clinical trial needs of his clients throughout Latin America. Not only does he have the regulatory know how, but also his years of experience in working in the Latin American region have given him an unmatched expertise in dealing with the most effective distribution networks across the region.

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