Marken Plans Grand Opening For New GMP-Compliant New York Depot


Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, December 19, 2012 — Marken is hosting an open house in January for their new GMP-compliant depot located in Farmingdale, New York. During the grand opening celebration and depot tour, Marken will also facilitate a round table to address key issues related to clinical supply chain management. Industry experts will share a holistic view on ways to find the optimum path between risk, cost, resource and management.

The event will be held on January 15th and will be joined by industry-leading experts. The industry-led round table will bring focus to the complex topic of cost versus regulation: how best can pharmaceutical companies balance the mounting cost saving pressures within their organizations while being mindful of the increasing regulatory scrutiny and supply chain complexity of the industry? A panel of experts will share their experiences and real examples of how an efficient supply chain management plan can be critical and will continue to grow as one of the key elements in today’s most successful organizations in the pharma industry.

Bruce Guenter, Director Global Clinical Supplies, Pfizer

Bill Wyrovsky, Associate Director Regional Logistics, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Dr. Michael N. Eakins, Principal Consultant, Eakins & Associates

Chuck Forsaith, Director, Supply Chain Security, Purdue Pharma Technologies Inc. & Chairman, Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition

Rafik Bishara, Ph.D., is the current Chair of the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Interest Group (PCCIG) within the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA)

Marken’s latest depot opening is part of a global phased plan to strategically build depots in key locations around the world. Frankfurt, Germany opened in October 2012, joining existing operational depots in Singapore, Mexico and Argentina. Further supplemented by its own 3rd party depot network, Farmingdale now completes Phase I of the global Marken depot network plan. This network has been built based on an extensive analysis of client needs as well as geographical needs, allowing large Phase III clinical trials to be conducted in a cost efficient and optimized manner.

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