Regulatory Updates

Mexico’s CFDI Export Reporting Requirement Revised

The Mexican Treasury Department (SAT) has revised the new CFDI export reporting requirement to exclude non-commercial shipments.  According to a resolution[i] published on June 22nd, Article 3.1.35 of the 2016 General Foreign Trade Rules is amended to apply...

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Mexico’s New Export Requirement Postponed

As the July 1st deadline for complying with Mexico’s new CFDI export reporting requirement quickly approaches, exporters and their agents are concerned with how the reporting will be implemented. However, there soon may be good news for exporters.According to the...

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Sarajevo International Airport Rescinds Temporary Import Ban

Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ) removed their temporary ban on imports of medicines and medical devices, on June 9. After meeting with local aviation authority representatives, the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices Bosnia and Herzegovina (ALMBIH)...

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Mexico’s New Export Requirement

Regulatory changes in Mexico will result in additional requirements for exporters.  Mexican companies are required to report their taxable, commercial trade transactions to the Treasury Department (SAT) by submitting an electronic certified commercial invoice: a...

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Import of Medicines and Devices to Singapore Simplified

Importers and declaring agents in Singapore will soon have access to a simplified import process for shipments health products. Singapore’s Health Sciences Agency (HSA) announced several administrative and procedural changes which the agency plans to reduce the number...

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