Safely Transporting Zika Specimens to Aid Research Efforts in Quest for a Vaccine



With the world keeping their eye on Brazil for the Summer Olympics this August, international anxiety is heightened over the Zika Virus and the potential complications associated with the infection, particularly for pregnant women who risk delivering children with microcephaly. Global pharmaceutical companies have made it a priority to develop a vaccine for Zika, and Marken is helping to support the supply chain for this urgent research by providing our critical logistics expertise for transporting Category A pathogens.

Specialized Shipping and Tracking Solutions

Marken is now transporting specimens from Zika infected patients, samples of live Zika virus and even live mosquito vectors, to research facilities worldwide. Our 36 year history and solid reputation of consistently delivering under strict temperature controlled conditions, providing proper packaging solutions, and navigating the complicated documentation and customs declarations for dangerous goods makes Marken the go-to choice for critical logistics services. Now with the Marken Sentry device, we can offer the added security of real time GPS tracking and temperature monitoring for these highly sensitive shipments.

Reliance on Industry Expertise

The process of moving dangerous and infectious disease materials around the globe can only be perfectly executed by a company who completely comprehends the medical significance of what they are transporting. Marken has wholly dedicated itself to supporting the life science industry and we understand that finding a vaccine quickly is the only way to alleviate the risk of global epidemics caused by agents like Zika and other pathogens.

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