Marken Launches New Patient-Centric Campaign

Industry’s Only Clinical Logistics Organization Celebrates Its 35 Year Anniversary

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, February 5, 2015 — Marken is starting its 35th year as a specialist logistics company and has launched a new marketing campaign to solidify its place as the industry’s only Clinical Logistics Organization (CLO).  The new campaign focuses on First as a primary message, with emphasis on patient, protocol and shipments.

The first headline in the series, My Patient First, aligns Marken’s priorities with its client’s priorities. Marken recognizes the need to protect the patient’s safety in any clinical trial and plays a pivotal role in shipping biological samples to all major central labs in 150 countries, and is delivering clinical drug product to hundreds of destinations each day.  Clients rely on Marken’s ability to deliver clinical trial materials and supplies to investigator sites and ultimately the patients who are enrolled in clinical trials. The First theme will be campaigned throughout the year as a way to reinforce Marken’s attention to client’s specific needs and its commitment to excellence by way of its flexible logistics network.

Ariette Van Strien, Marken’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented “This new campaign focuses on the importance and quality of the clinical supply chain as it directly affects the patients who are enrolled in clinical trials around the world. Our clients are increasingly outsourcing their clinical services to Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO), Contract Manufacturing & Development Organizations (CDMO) and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO).  Marken’s role as a Clinical Logistics Organization (CLO) provides the service which connects the entire clinical supply chain together.”

Marken, the industry’s only Clinical Logistics Organization (CLO), provides proven global logistics solutions to the pharma and life sciences industries and this year is celebrating 35 years of dedicated service to clients around the world. Marken’s services include cold chain packaging, active and passive, shipping qualification and validation, track and trace, and regulatory expertise.  Marken’s ten purpose-built, GMP-compliant Clinical Supply Centers offer temperature controlled storage at all temperature ranges, drug receipt, pick and pack, dispatch and drug return/destruction services.  A fully trained and dedicated project management team supports each project.

About Marken

Marken is the only global Clinical Logistics Organization provider dedicated to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, supporting over 49,000 clinical investigators in more than 150 countries. Marken integrates Clinical Supply Center and logistics into solutions that extend the reach of clinical trials to even the most remote treatment-naive geographies.

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