Marken Opens New Operations Center In New York

New JFK facility will meet the increased demand for temperature controlled shipments

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, December 4, 2014 — Marken announced today the opening of their newest operations center and warehouse facility at John F. Kennedy airport. 

This latest move represents another in a series of major facility expansions which will enable a higher volume of time sensitive, temperature-sensitive clinical trial shipments into and out of the New York gateway.  The new facility is closer to the JFK airport, includes a more efficient layout and offers more usable square footage than the previous location.

The new 10,000 square foot facility is located just over a mile from the JFK airport cargo entrance and represents a logical next step given the increased demand for time and temperature sensitive material. The enlarged facilities are equipped with the latest cold chain equipment needed to manage the storage, re-conditioning and distribution of investigational drugs through a TSA-secure and GDP-compliant warehouse area.  The facility has the capacity to receive and store heavy weight and larger containers for oversized shipments, including RAP and RKN active solutions shipments designed to meet the most challenging requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Kathy Gerson, Marken’s VP US East Coast Operations/Global Customer Service, commented on the move from the former Marken warehouse, “The newer facility brings us closer to JFK airport, and provides us more dedicated space than our previous location could provide. As customer demand increases for temperature controlled shipments, it made sense for our facilities to be in closer proximity to all major airlines and in a larger space to accommodate the growth we are experiencing in larger scale shipments.”

Marken provides clinical trial logistics solutions for the life sciences industry.  The organization’s dedication and focus on clinical trials has caused a significant global uptick in client requests for state of the art equipment and facilities.

About Marken

Marken is the leading global clinical supply chain solutions provider dedicated to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, supporting over 49,000 clinical investigators in more than 150 countries. Marken integrates Clinical Supply Center and logistics into solutions that extend the reach of clinical trials to even the most remote treatment-naive geographies.

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