Marken Prepared for 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, February 7, 2014 — Marken announced today that they have placed dedicated staff on task to assist with urgent courier shipments in and out of the Sochi region during the two weeks of the Winter Olympics.

With 1.1 million tickets available to Olympic events, air and ground traffic into and around the Sochi region will certainly be impacted, but Marken has made alternative arrangements to ensure that customers shipment delays are kept to a minimum. The company can also handle any last minute shipments into and out of Sochi, if necessary.

Wes Wheeler, Marken’s CEO commented, “We are a specialist courier. We are able to move high value and time sensitive shipments within 24 and 48 hours from nearly any location throughout the world. We operate day and night and can customize our services to suit our client’s needs, handle last minute orders and avoid disruptions. So as the world celebrates the 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi, Marken has dedicated additional 24/7 staff and resources to ensure that our client shipments continue to move.”

If you have an urgent shipment headed to Sochi or need to ship from Sochi to any another location across the globe, please contact your local Marken office for more information, or log onto our website:

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