Marken Ready for Orphan Drug Distribution

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, April 24, 2014 — Marken announced today the release of a new white paper which identifies supply chain solutions for the rapidly growing orphan drug market.

The production of orphan drugs, which are used to treat rare diseases, is increasing and will continue to increase with a compound annual growth rate of more than 7% per year between 2012 and 2018. Many large pharmaceutical companies have launched rare disease divisions and acquired small companies that specialize in orphan drugs. Other small and mid-sized drug developers continue to expand their pipelines with rare disease therapies.

New drugs for treatment of rare diseases are developed through clinical trials comprised of small patient populations that must be found in many countries and often very remote areas. At least half of all orphan drugs are biologically derived and must be temperature controlled in order to ensure stability and efficacy throughout the trials. These new drugs, therefore, require special handling while being transported to a clinic or a patient’s home. In order to respond to this growing trend, Marken has developed a specialized distribution service which can ensure delivery of clinical trial drugs directly to a patient’s home or a remote clinic with quality guaranteed.

“Marken recognized the pharma industry’s increased focus on rare disease treatments and the complexity of safely transporting them to patients residing in multiple countries, each with its own unique customs and regulatory requirements,” said Leslie Chaney PhD, Marken’s Global Director of Preclinical and Direct to Patient Services and co-author of the white paper. “Our Direct to Patient service utilizes Marken’s team of experts in customs and trade compliance along with our extensive network of Clinical Supply Center facilities and strategically located distribution centers throughout the world to provide timely global packaging, transport and tracking of orphan drug materials within regulatory, temperature and time constraints,” she adds.

Marken carefully follows all industry trends and challenges and offers dedicated services and supply chain solutions to support them. Direct to Patient distribution service will play an essential role in the continued growth of the orphan drug market. A full copy of Marken’s Supply Chain Solutions for the Growing Orphan Drug Market white paper can be downloaded at

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