Argentina: New Import Declaration form for Clinical Supplies

In an effort to streamline importations of clinical supplies, Argentina’s Ministry of Health, Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnología Médica (ANMAT) announced the creation of a new import declaration form.[i] The new, so called 12-point declaration form, will replace the current 15-point form which is used for most imports into Argentina.

The new 12-point form is designed specifically for clinical supply materials and is meant to ensure that supplies entering the country strictly match up to approved clinical trial protocols. The 12-point form captures much of the same data as the existing 15-point form and will help MOH and Customs quickly identify shipments of clinical supplies.

While it is not expected that the new form will have any significant impact on import clearance times, importers and their filers must be sure to use the 12-point form instead of the 15-point form in order to comply with the new procedure.

Questions concerning import procedures in Argentina can be forwarded to Trade Compliance team. 

Daniel J. Bell
VP, Regulatory Compliance & Technical Affairs 


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